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You're Getting Married in Fargo!

Average Cost of a Fargo Wedding

The average Fargo bride plans for about 155 guests and estimates a $15,000 budget for her wedding when she starts planning. However, the ACTUAL amount she ends up spending for her wedding in Fargo averages $23,555

There a cool free tool available that enables you to estimate the cost of your wedding based on your zip code, expected number of guests, and wedding style. Check it out at Cost of Wedding.

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This can be a stressful time, but don't worry. We've assembled some of the best information to help you get things organized, including marriage license information, how to spread the word, and how to select quality gems for your ring! Be sure to Request FREE wedding information and pricing from our local Fargo wedding vendors. Just complete our online request form and you'll start receiving great information on planning your Fargo wedding from local professionals. It couldn't be easier!

Best Time of Year for a Wedding Fargo

There are so many considerations when selecting your wedding date, everything from work schedules to holidays, and vacation time. offers a free tool for brides to see typical weather patterns by time year for their wedding city. It's pretty useful!

According to the, in Fargo, on average:

  • July is the warmest month.
  • January is the coolest month.
  • June is the wettest month.
  • February is the driest month
  • August is the most clear days.
  • January has the most cloudy days.

There were over1,300 wedding in Fargo last year. Brides got married in the following months:

Approx. # Weddings

Where to Publish Your Wedding Announcement in Fargo

Publish Your Wedding Announcement

The Forum
Wedding, engagements, and other announcements are published by The Forum starting at $25. Milestones announcements are published Saturdays.

The deadline for each Saturday is 9 a.m. on Thursday. Submissions can be made at For more information, please call 701-241-5509.

Get the Best Deals from Wedding Professionals in Fargo

If you would like to receive deals, coupons, or discounts from some of Fargo best wedding professionals, complete our short wedding information form and tell us a little about your upcomgin wedding. In return, you'll be entered to win a $100 shopping spree for wedding accessories from plus you'll receive a 15% coupon code for any future purchase. Additionally, you'll receive great discounts from of Fargo best wedding photographers, DJs, florists, venues, and more.

North Dakota Marriage Laws

  1. To obtain a marriage license you must be at least 18 years of age. If applicants are under the age of 18, ages 16 and 17 only, under North Dakota Century Code you must have the written consent of both parents or legal guardians. The parents or legal guardians must be present at the time of the application. Legal guardians must bring with legal proof of guardianship.

  2. Both parties must bring photo ID with them (most people would use a state issued driver’s license or ID card or passport). Both parties must also know their social security number and it is preferred, but not required to have your social security card with.

  3. If either applicant has been previously married that applicant must provide a certified copy of the divorce decree or certified copy of the death certificate which will be kept on file permanently with the application for the marriage license. Divorce papers must be a certified copy. They cannot just be a regular copy. A certified copy normally will have a special stamp and a colored or raised seal somewhere on the document which makes them certified.

  4. A bride and the groom both have the option of changing their last name (surname) after marriage. The following options are available:

    • Change to the last name (surname) of the other spous
    • Change to any former last name (surname) of either spouse
    • Change to a name combining both surnames together separated by a hyphen or a space
    • One or both parties may move their current surname to become their new middle name and then take their spouses surname as their new last name. Under this option the pre-marriage middle name would be dropped.

  5. The fee for the marriage license is $65.00. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card. Payments made by credit card will incur an additional $3.00 convenience fee.

  6. In the state of North Dakota there is no waiting period after you apply for the license before the marriage may take place. The license must be used within 60 days and may be used anywhere in North Dakota. If the license is unused it will be expired and no refunds are available. If the couple still wishes to get married they will have to purchase a new marriage license.

NOTICE -- While we strive to provide current information, we cannot guarantee its completeness and accuracy. You should ALWAYS contact your local City/County office for thorough and accurate marriage license information.


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Beautiful Outdoor Weddings
Looking for that perfect outdoor ceremony location in the Fargo area? Consider holding your wedding in one of these great locations:

View all Outdoor Wedding Venues!
Nelson Ghost Town in Eldorado Canyon
Neon Boneyard at The Neon Museum
Red Spring in Red Rock Canyon

You can also visit our Ceremony Venues directory for more great outdoor locations.

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